All orders are delivered to the student's class location.

Welcome To Our Karate Program

The All-Star Youth (ASY) Karate program provides instruction in martial arts.  Styles of martial arts vary by location.  Martial arts techniques include blocks, kicks, punches and stances.  Various child safety issues are also covered in class, and children learn "break free and run" techniques.  Safety awareness notes, with an emphasis on child safety, are provided for parents to reinforce at home. 

Year - Round Program

All-Star Youth's Karate Program is in session Year-Round.  There is an annual membership fee of $40.00 that may be paid in two installments.  Class fees of $8.00 (45 minute karate lesson) or $9.00 (60 minute karate lesson) is due at the beginning of each class attended.  Each participant will have a home site class location but is allowed to attend more than once a week training, if desired, by attending any of our Albuquerque karate locations.    

Uniform Requirements

A karate uniform is required for all students who have a Yellow belt or higher.  Uniforms must be purchased by the end of the second week of class.  Karate uniform is optional for White belt students.  


All-Star Youth's karate curriculum defines competencies that a student is expected to know in order to advance in belt rank and stripes/degrees within a belt rank.  ASY belt ranks go from white belt to junior black belt.  When students are eligible, they will have the opportunity to test for their next belt rank.  As students advance in rank, instruction in forms (kata) and sparring are provided.  

Special Events

All karate students are invited to participate in the All-Star Youth Showcase / Tournament, which is held during fall and spring semesters only.  Participation is optional.  The Showcase /Tournament is a great learning experience for all students, as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence, self-esteem, and fun.  Students will perform with their class against other ASY classes of similar age and skill level.

This program is designed for self-defense purposes only.  Any student found starting a fight and using their knowledge for offensive rather than defensive purposes will not be allowed to continue the class.